Valentine’s Gifts for Her 2021

If you have a special somebody abroad who can’t get home this year, it’s occasions like Valentine’s Day that can feel lonely. Many Irish abroad are homesick and separated from the ones they love. When looking for Valentine’s gifts for her, think about something nostalgic from home.

An Irish comfort food hamper or celebrity Valentine’s shoutout can bring that special someone closer to home. Send them a piece of Ireland, that will take them back and make their day,

What better way to say “I love you” than chocolate bars and crisps or some special Irish curry sauce. Throw in some Lyons or Barry’s tea on a Zoom call and who needs Michelin Star restaurants?

We are going to put extra effort into Valentine’s Day in 2021 so on top of our current hampers we will have a special Valentine’s hamper.

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The Valentine’s Hamper for Her

Roses are red, you don’t know what to get her? Flowers are nice, but this hamper is better!

Ditch the last-minute flowers and gift her something she really wants this Valentine’s Day! Introducing our new Valentine’s Hamper for her. You may think she is the hardest on the planet to buy gifts for, but we can guarantee she will love this.

This hamper ticks all the boxes, with all the essentials such as Lily O Brien’s luxury chocolates, a scented candle from Celtic Candles, Retro Sweets, and lots of self-care treats!

Irish Valentine’s Gifts for Her – Treat Hampers

Yes, we know we’re probably not going to have the classic Valentine’s meal. We won’t be able to spend the day with our Valentine.

However, you can send a crisps and chocolate hamper or select a custom hamper with her favourite treats from home. We even put together the perfect Valentine’s hamper for her, featuring self-care treats & sweets. Our biggest hamper yet, check it out below.

You can still make their day and show them that you love them even though they may be on the other side of the world.

What about Cadbury’s Purple Snacks, Barry’s Tea, Abrakebabra sauce or an Irish Retro Sweets Bundle.

How about throwing in some Lyons Gold Blend and some Rockshandy.

We all know Hunky Dory, King, Meanies and Rancheros are better than a dozen roses.

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Irish Valentine’s Gifts for Her- Delivered Abroad

So if you or your loved one is away this Valentine’s Day, and can’t make it home. You have options other than flowers and a box of chocolates. What’s even better than standard box of chocolates, is the real good stuff, the stuff from home, the stuff that reminds them of your time together. Yes, it’s a Crunchie, Wham Bar, or a Purple Snack.

The stuff that brings you back to those special moments that you shared, and that you cherish. That cup of tea, bag of crisps or bar might just remind them of the first time you called round or those lazy nights in watching the telly.

Valentine’s Day Message from Irish Comedians, Musicians, Actors or Sports People

What about a Valentine’s message from an Irish sports person or celebrity.

Choose from top celebrities, comedians, TV stars, and sports personalities and get customized Happy Valentine’s Day message from you to your loved one.

View complete list of personalities for shoutouts.

They will make a great present something that can be cherished for years to come.

Conclusion – Valentine’s Gifts for Her Ideas

Valentine’s Day apart is difficult, but you can bring them back, even for just a moment. By sending them a nostalgic Irish hamper.

The hamper is not your only option, why not send them a message from one of their favourite Irish personalities. That will make that their day. And will bring you closer, even if it’s only for a few moments.

Send the Irish love abroad.

Find the perfect Valentine’s gift for her.