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  • Barrys Gold Blend 80 bags
  • Barrys Original Blend 80 bags
  • Bewleys Gold Blend 80 bags
  • Bewleys Original Blend 80 bags
  • Jacobs Club Milk 5 pack
  • Jacobs Fig Rolls
  • Lyons Gold Blend 80 bags
  • Lyons Original Blend 80 bags
  • Our 'Irishify' signature cup
  • Punjana Original Blend 80 bags

The Teabagged Hamper

Ah go on go on go on…

Irish Teabag Hamper

Forgot Blur or Oasis. Do you prefer Lyons or Barry’s? We won’t stir that particular feud up as we’ve included two blends of tea from each in our Teabagged Hamper. This Irish teabag hamper is sure to remind you of chats with friends and family back home.

You’ll also bag yourself two blends from Bewley’s and some Punjana to see you brewing up a storm.  Which will you enjoy first in your exclusive Mrs Doyle mug?

All of the above is accompanied by some treats worthy of de visitors calling, with some Jacob’s Club Bars. It’s so packed full of goodies you’ll wonder how we get the Jacob’s Fig Rolls in.

Don’t be a mug. Would you not have a drop? Ah go on go on go on…

Popular Irish Tea

As you can see we have made sure that the full whack of popular Irish tea is included. The Teabagged Hamper has something for everyone. You will have a tea for every occasion. So, brew up a cuppa, sit back and drift back home.

Wherever you are in the world the Teabagged Hamper will bring you back and give you the feeling of being around the people you miss.

Tea, Friends and Family

We all know tea brings the Irish together. Yes, it tastes nice. You can’t beat a decent cuppa, but what makes it special is the chat with friends and family. In these challenging times, many of us can’t get home. So, the Teabagged Hamper is great for Facetime, Zoom and Skype.

Yes, they may be thousands of miles away but the cup of Irish tea somehow makes them seem closer.

Irishify Recommends – Irish Tea and Treats

Try dunking a Fig Roll into a cup of Punjana. Be prepared, your world will open up. You will never see things the same again.