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  • Abrakebabra Garlic Sauce 270ml
  • Abrakebabra Taco Sauce 270ml
  • Ballymaloe Original
  • Bisto Original
  • Boyne Valley Honey
  • Chef Brown Sauce 385g
  • Chef Red Sauce 390g
  • McDonnell's Curry Sauce 250g
  • SingLi Curry Sauce 365g
  • YR Brown Sauce

The Saucy Hamper

Fancy a session on the sauce?

Irish Sauce Pack

Red sauce or ketchup. Whatever you call it, we’ve got you covered straight from the Chef’s kitchen.
If you prefer brown sauce with your fry-up, we’ve included a choice of YR and Chef.

It’s all gravy for your next Sunday roast with Bisto Original.

If you’re after Irish curry in a hurry, we’ve got sauces from McDonnell’s and the best thing to come out of Dundalk since The Corrs (sisters) – Sing Li.

Our Saucy Hamper also include magical Taco & Garlic Sauces from Abrakebabra, on the money Boyne Valley Honey and you’ll relish our Ballymaloe Original.

Whatever your taste, we’ve got you covered for a night (or day) on the sauce.

Irish Sauces for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper (After a few scoops)

The Saucy Hamper has sauces to cover you for each meal of the day.

For an Irish Breakfast

The table staples Chef Tomato Ketchup and Brown Sauce are perfect for a fry. But due to popular demand, we have also included the legendary YR brown sauce. Yes, we have double-barreled the brown sauce but we just couldn’t leave one of these iconic sauces out.

Sticking with breakfast quite literally, you have Boyne Valley honey. Great on toast or in porridge. You may as well be eating breakfast while salmon fishing on the banks of Irelands most historic river or throwing penny’s at the bridge down below as you pass overhead on the train.

For an Irish Lunch

Moving onto to lunch, two words “Ballymaloe Relish.” We don’t need to say any more. Yum.

For an Irish Dinner

Nothing is more Irish than a Sunday Roast and the most important ingredient is Bisto. You simply can’t have a proper roast without Bisto. As Sunday as hearing the Merino Waltz on RTE radio.

The Ketchup or either of the Brown Sauces will take your stew to another level. Not just to your Mammy’s level, but to your Granny’s level!

For an Irish Supper (After Scoups)

This is where the Saucy Hamper shines. So, we have two of the curries used by the very best takeaways all across Ireland. McDonnell’s and Sing-Li. If you want to transport yourself back to your town centre at 3am, simply put either of these confectionary masterpieces over chips.

We have also managed to source both the Taco and Garlic sauces from Abrakebabra. That’s right. You have the power to recreate the right of passage taco or garlic chip from Abra.

Irishify Recommends – Saucy Butty Bonanza

Try Abrekebabra Garlic Sauce on the bread and Sing-Li Curry Sauce on the Chips of a Chip Butty. What!!! Yes, it is that good.