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  • Tayto Cheese and Onion 6 Pack
  • Hunky Dorys Variety 6 Pack
  • Large Cadburys Dairy Milk
  • Cadburys Purple Snack 6 Pack
  • Cadburys Yellow Shortcake
  • Barrys Gold Blend Tea 80 Bags
  • Club Orange 500ml
  • Flahavan's Porridge 500g
  • Jacobs Kimberley
  • Knorr Thick Country Vegetable Soup
  • McDonnells Original Curry Sauce 80g Sachet
  • Miwadi Mini Orange Crush 66ml
  • Full Irish Socks - Irish Sock Society
  • Jacobs Cream Crackers
  • Lucozade Original

The Homesick Hamper

Cos there’s no taste like home.

Irish Missing Home Gift Hamper

Missing Home? Well, open this and you’ll be like a kid at The Late Late Toy Show. All the favourite Irish brands are here – from Tayto Cheese & Onion to Hunky Dorys, from Dairy Milk to those wee Purple Snacks and Yellow Shortcakes.

Wash those down with some fizzy Club Orange or Mi Wadi and breakfast like back home with some Flahavan’s porridge and Barry’s Tea.

Missing Ireland’s number one biscuits? Join the Club. There’s also some Jacob’s Mikados and Cream Crackers to take you back home. Relive your youth with an iconic Dip Dab or cook up a storm with McDonnells Original Curry Sauce and Knorr Vegetable soup.

Feel Better With This Irishify Hamper from Home

Being away from home is difficult. It doesn’t matter how well things are going. We all miss our friends and family. Sometimes we can feel a little bit lonely and homesick. As a result, a treat from home can perk up our step.

Well, the Homesick Hamper reminds us of the good times. It takes us closer to home even though we are away.  It hits that recharge button with our favourite Irish treats.

Bars, Crisps, Minerals, Bickies and Tea (and Porridge!)

Be it the finest restaurant in New York, an amazing BBQ on the Gold Coast or the ultimate pie and mash in a London boozer you simply won’t get the same feeling as you will from a bag of Tayto and a nice cup of Barry’s tea. The Homesick Hamper has that and much more.

The most important thing is that the Homesick Hamper brings back memories of chats with friends or watching the match with Dad.

You will have a bit of Ireland to put in your cupboard wherever you are.

Irish Food Hamper for Friends Abroad

If you have a friend abroad that you think might need a pick me up sent from the Emerald Isle, then the Homesick Hamper will do the trick. It makes Zoom and Skype calls more like face to face when the Irish accent is combined with treats from home.

So, if your friend could be doing with a chunk of the good stuff from home, then the Homesick Hamper is your only man.

Irishify Recommends – The Homesick Hamper Breakfast of Champions

Flahavan’s Porridge with melted cubes of Dairy Milk chocolate. Breakfast will never be the same again and you can tell Mammy that you ate all your Porridge!