Christmas Gifts For Her – Ideas 2021

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone. However, in 2020 things are much different. The traditional Christmas has been put on hold. The rush to buy those final presents in the run-up won’t be the same. For this year anyway, most people will be getting their Christmas gifts online.

It’s hard to get that extra special gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter or niece. Especially when you are just looking online. We all know that when buying gifts for her, something extra special goes a long way.

Personalised Irish Celebrity Shoutouts – Christmas Gifts for Her

A personalised shoutout from a famous Irish celebrity can make someone’s Christmas. It adds that layer of “thought” to your gift that many people feel is missing with more online shopping sending gifts directly to recipients houses.

All in all, here are some shoutout gift ideas for her this Christmas from well know Irish actors, musicians, comedians and sports people.

Top Shout Ideas Christmas Gifts for Her


We all love a laugh but getting a shout from a comedian is a great way to brighten up your girlfriend’s day. Sure it’s all a bit of craic. What better way to say happy Christmas This Year.


Hugely popular are shoutouts from musicians. Here are some great ideas for a gift no matter what type of music she is into.

If she like country, classical, pop or rock you can order a personalised shout-out.

Fan of Coronation Street – Gifts

Those of us who live in Northern Ireland or in the Border Counties would always watch Corrie on UTV. Why? because the intros were often better than the episodes. So if your Ma, Auntie, Wife or Grannie was like us, and made sure not to miss the legendary intros by Julian a personalised shoutout from this television icon will be the perfect gift.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Her

Shoutouts are the perfect last minute digital gift this Christmas. If you have doubts about a delivered gift arriving on time then a shoutout could be a great solution.

We will be announcing last orders before Christmas for shoutouts soon, so keep an eye on social media. As all the amazing talent on Irishify have different schedules this will vary per celebrity.


Ultimately, finding the perfect gift for her depends on who they are and what they are interested in. A shoutout is something special that can be opened Christmas day that will be a nice surprise and shared with family over the Christmas dinner if they so wish.

If you have someone special that you would like to send a unique gift to this Christmas think about an Irishify Shoutout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gifts for her are trending this Christmas?

Celebrity shoutouts are personalised video messages recorded by celebrities are very popular this Christmas. You can get celebrity shoutouts on sites like Irishify .

Where can I get Irish gifts for her this Christmas?

You can get a gift of a celebrity shoutout at this Christmas. Top Irish actors, comedians, musicians and TV personalities are all available.

What should I buy my wife/girlfriend this Christmas

Get them a celebrity shoutout/personalised video message from Actors from classic Irish T.V. shows, Irish musicians and comedians along with T.V. personalities are all available.